15 facts about weapons in CS: GO

1. Like the P250, Five SeveN and Tec9 for killing one hit in the head of an opponent equipped in armor, but these pistols have a greater killer range than the P250.
2. The P250 gun deals exactly the same net damage (35) as the USP / P2000. In fact, it does less damage at a distance, compared to P2000, through a high drop in dead weight, depending on the distance to the target. The only excuse for his purchase is that the P250 is much better than the P2000, penetrating the armor. If your opponent does not buy armor, you put yourself in a losing position every time you buy P250.
3. Dual Berettas pistols deal a crazy net damage of 38 per bullet. Three hits from close range into an opponent without armor are enough. However, these pistols have a weak killer force at a distance and a low level of penetration of armor.
4. Deagle does not kill from one bullet at long distances: Yama - Geese on the map of dust2.
5. MP9 is as fast as P90. Players complain about the P90, but the MP9 is as merc…

We present to your attention the updated rating of the teams by CS: GO from HLTV.org.

HLTV.org published a rating of the best teams in the world on May 22.

As a result of ESL Pro League Season 7, Natus Vincere took the third place in the ranking of the best teams in the world HLTV.org.

The collective from the CIS has bypassed mousesports, which is now located on the fourth line. Leaders of the top remained Astralis and FaZe Clan.

1. Astralis 1000 -
2. FaZe Clan 735 -
3. Natus Vincere 561 + 1
4. mousesports 535 -1
5. fnatic 455 -
6. Liquid 397 +3
7. Cloud9 331 -1
8. SK 310 -
9. NiP 258 -2
10. Gambit 229 -
11. G2 199 -
12. Renegades 196 -
13. North 183 + 1
14. TyLoo 162 -1
15. HellRaisers 154 +1
16. Heroic 124 +5
17. GODSENT 120 +2
18. Virtus.pro 109 -3
19. Space Soldiers 104 -2
20. NRG 98 -
21. AGO 97 -1
22. OpTic 93 +20
23. EnVyUs 81 -1
24. Grayhound 68 -1
25. Windigo 65 -1
26. Fragsters 64 -
27. MVP PK 63 -2
28. BIG 62 -1
29. Imperial 53 -
30. eUnited 51 +1

With each competition, the lists of the world's best recognized collectives are being updated. The rating o…

About the launch of official CS servers in China: GO

In China, with an unprecedented pomp, there was a full-fledged release of the flagship game from Valve, which has every chance to become a milestone in the development of the game.

Valve and Perfect World officially released another brainchild of "gates" to the Chinese market - Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The release turned out to be large-scale and expensive. But is it worth it?

The question of the possible release of CS: GO in the Celestial Empire has long been decided - recently everyone was interested in the date and details of the release, which were covered in the darkness of the unknown. The network was rumored about possible conditions for Chinese players: from servers with a maximum tick to artificial intelligence to capture dishonest players. Part of the predictions was speculation, but in some ways the reality surpassed expectations.

As in the case of Dota 2, the Chinese publisher was not limited to simply adapting the client to the local audience and laws. …


Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Nicely, to be brutally honest, the Counter Strike series does require a visual revamp. But the thing that most Counter Strike fans will agree to is that the gameplay does not need any tweaking – the primary reason becoming Valve has already fine tuned both Counter Strike 1.6 and Counter Strike: Source to perfection over the years…Each games represent the peak of what a competitive tactical multiplayer first person shooter should be like. Also, both these versions stay wildly well-liked even these days.
Valve seems to have heard this plea. It appears that Counter Strike: Global Offensive, the very first CS game to be released in seven years will not be equivalent to CS: 2. Rather the new release will be a continuation of the series we all have come to adore. The gameplay will also remain unchanged – to some extent. This indicates that, new Counter Strike: Global Offensive will not adopt the staple components of other FPS games like regenerative well being…

Betting on eSports is all you need to know in 2018!

Features of esports betting usa - what you need to consider "pouring" money

Unlike its "older brothers", e-sports has a number of features, which are always worth remembering. Let's take a look at these features:

 A large number of tournaments are held. And tournaments are not always equal. If we talk about tournaments and bets on Dota 2, we can distinguish several categories of tournaments that vary in their importance:

The International is the main tournament of the whole season. It is traditionally held in late July - early August. I think it's not worth talking about the fact that all teams are very responsive to the tournament. This tournament can be put, but with caution - every time there are loud sensations. For example, last year all the major favorites except EG flew very quickly, leaving dark horses in the fight.

Major-tournaments. This season there are only two, in the past there were three. Very "delicious" tournaments for betting on…

Useful tips for the game CS GO 2

Perhaps some of the chips have long been known to experienced players, but still, I hope that the article will find its readers! Here you can find best cs go betting sites in USA!

Rarely recharge. Often, single-player shooters produce reflex refill. New players in CS: GO should unlearn this first. Almost every barrel in the CS is recharged from 2 to 4 seconds. And this is quite enough to pass the position that you are defending or to look to you around the corner. But the biggest problem is that at close range recharge will give you its sound, after which the enemy will know your position and will be ready for the fight. It takes only 3-4 hits in the carcass to kill a completely healthy enemy, so do not underestimate the 5 rounds in your store. And closer to the end of the round, you rarely see healthy opponents.

Do not perform actions, the meaning of which you are little understood. If you see a game of professionals and start to repeat after them, think for what they do it? Perhaps y…

CS GO for newbies!

Hello! There is guide to for beginners in csgo betting ! Welcome!
Here you will see the quality of things, and the team for training on your server.
And so let's go!
The competitive mode (Classic competitive)

Also classic Counter-Strike, but with some differences. In this mode, play 5 to 5 before
the start of the match, the system collects 10 players with approximately the same level of
play. Game in competitive mode can not be left until its end, otherwise the system will give
out ban (from 1 hour to several weeks). Fire on their own and the collision included.
The game lasts until one of the teams will not gain 16 victories in their asset. After the 15th
round, teams change places (money is dropped, weapons disappear). It is in this mode that
you can improve your rank!

Question: Why do we need a rank system?

Answer: The ranks in CS: GO are needed in order to collect in a single match players with
a relatively equal level of play. Thus, if both teams have players with the same rank, th…